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On average, a quality CV is uploaded or updated in our database every 3 minutes. Plus with our newly updated database, cherry picking the best candidate has never been easier.

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Don’t wait for candidates to come to you. Search for your perfect candidate using our intelligent search system. 

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Before you download a CV, we’ll let you read all about your potential candidate, so no wasted downloads.

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Not to mention, we have over 150,000 relevant CVs from across the world…

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How it works

With over 150,000 CVs on our database, you can search for your perfect candidate using keywords such as ‘Pilot’ or ‘Marketing Manager’.

We gave our CV database a revamp recently and we’re now proud to bethe only group of job boards in the UK that allow you to search for candidates based on their location, experience, qualifications, languages spoken, salary and preferred position.

We’ll even let you read a candidate’s full CV before downloading it, so no wasted downloads.

Not to mention, our latest development – a search and match function. Once you’ve found one perfect CV, you can upload it to our intelligent search and we’ll show you CVs with similar qualifications and experience. You’ll know how similar it is through our scoring system.

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With our CV Database, you can also set up an email alert that sends you the latest CVs that match your search criteria, saving you even more time.

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