Let jobseekers get to know your business

Create a distraction free zone for jobseekers to just see your jobs with a ‘Recruiter profile’.

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Why you need a ‘Recruiter profile’

Distraction free zone

Jobseekers can only see your jobs, meaning jobseekers won’t get distracted by other company’s jobs.

Sign up to hear more

If a jobseeker has their sights set on working for you, they can sign up to receive an email every time you post a new job, keeping you at the front of their mind.

Show off your business

63% of jobseekers agreed they like to know the employer they’re working for, or the agency who they’re working with.

How it works

Whenever a jobseeker clicks your logo on our site, they will be taken to your ‘Recruiter profile’, which is created to your brand specifications. This page will display only your jobs, creating a distraction-free zone for jobseekers to apply for just your jobs. This is a bolt-on product and we recommend it for direct employers who are seeking extra branding opportunities and those who have more than one job vacancy to advertise throughout the year.

Get your ‘Recruiter profile’

To purchase a ‘Recruiter profile’, you’ll need to speak to one of our expert team members. Simply call us on 01772 913965 or leave your details below and we’ll call you.

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